Rythm pro cranks

Rhythm's alternative to the DXR crank!  A 2-piece aluminum integrated BMX crankset!  The crank and bottom bracket are integrated together meaning the bottom bracket spindle is permanently attached to the drive side crank arm.  The external bottom bracket bearings mount outside the bottom bracket shell keeping the cartridge bearings bigger which allow them to spin better.  Here are the specs and details about this crank: 

  • Available sizes:  170, 175 and 180mm
  • Crank arm pinch bolts allow ease of crank removal, no special tools needed
  • BOB "Big Outboard Bearing" System sealed cartridge bottom bracket (sold separately)
  • 104BCD for use with a 4-bolt chain ring 
  • Reinforced steel pedal inserts for maximum strength
  • Available in silver, black and white!
  • There is no rider weight limit for these cranks 
  • Crankset weight = 30.4 oz's (includes bb)

Prijs: € 205,00 (incl. btw)