Crupi Micro Mini frame

100% hand crafted in the United States!  The Micro Mini is our smallest 20" frame and is designed to fit riders 4’2” and under. 

The Micro Mini features a 7” seat tube with a 66-degree angle.  This keeps the seat low and behind the rider and out of the way when pedaling.  The frame also features a slightly easier head angle than most frames at 72 degrees.  The reason behind this is that younger riders on skinny tires feel squirrelly with steep head angles.  This makes them slow down until the bike feels more comfortable.  The main idea here is to make them feel more comfortable so they can go faster!  Our 72-degree head angle gives the bike quick enough turning but makes the bike feel more secure (especially in the turns) allowing them to go faster. 

Finally, all of our frames feature a real short back-end that makes the bike react quicker out of the gate and the turns.  Shorter back ends also tend to manual jumps better.  Crupi frames come standard with custom cable hangars and machined head tubes, which are faced for you so your headset will press in smoothly and evenly.  Yes, there was a lot of thought that went into our frames.  

Prijs: € 510,00 (incl. btw)