Crupi BMX Expert XL Frame

100% hand crafted in the United States!  Our Expert XL frame is a great transitional frame designed to fit riders 5’1” to 5’5” (ages 11 to 13).  This is the smallest frame we make with an 1-1/8” head tube as riders getting to this size and weight are usually ready for a stronger fork and stem.  The Expert XL also features an 8” seat tube with a 66-degree angle to keep the seat low and behind the rider and out of the way when pedaling.  This frame is designed to be used with 1-3/8” wheels so we keep the head tube at a relaxed 72 degree angle for stability with this size wheel.   

For those in this transitional stage and moving up from a Junior or Expert frame, you can still transfer all of your parts to this new frame including your 1" fork and stem.  Crupi offers a Chameleon Headset that fits the 1-1/8" head tube but accepts the 1" fork and stem.  This will keep the front end light in weight during this transitional period!

Like our other frames, the Expert XL features a real short back-end that makes the bike react quicker out of the gate and the turns.  Shorter back ends also tend to manual jumps better.  Crupi frames come standard with custom cable hangars and machined head tubes, which are faced for you so your headset will press in smoothly and evenly.  Yes, there was a lot of thought that went into our frames.

Prijs: € 510,00 (incl. btw)