Supercross envy V5

Progression is what drives us. Every time we build a frame, we are constantly looking at it and analysing it to try to make it better. So say we should leave good enough alone. But that is not the Supercross way. We live to push it to the cutting edge. The best materials, the best welding procedures, we specify our own Argon mix and specific welding rod. All in pursuit of perfection. We want to ensure that when you get on a Supercross, you know you are riding the best.

The new ENVY v5 starts where the v3 left off. It utilizes the same World Championship winning geometry, but gets an all Brand new 7005 Ultra Lite Race Triple Butted tube set. All brand new molds for the top and down tube to increase strength and rigidity as well as maximizing dent resistance. The top tube and down tube are larger at the head tube to better support the all new 1 1/8” - 1.5 Tapered head tube, the center sections are thicker to increase dent resistance, and the downtube is wider at the BB shell to further enhance pedaling efficiency. The top tube is now a tapered tear drop shape with a flat ridge bottom to maximize strength and minimize weight, the seatmast is a wider bulge butted piece , the rear stays are tapered and butted. Until you get one of these frames in your hands, you can’t begin to believe the amount of time that goes into each frame size to make the most efficient use of the tubing shapes and walls to built you the worlds finest racing machine.

Every Supercross ENVY v5 starts off as a custom Supercross Exclusive tube set. We don’t believe in Hydro forming due to the varied walls it produces, and rather to use a more expensive Taperwall butting process that draws the tube to a precision wall thickness. Each tube is also formed to the most efficient shape for it’s particular job on the frame.

From there each tube is precision mitred and hand loaded into it’s fixture and is hand tig welded to ensure the perfect weld penetration. After each frame is hand welded they are annealed and straightened and placed into an alignment fixture to keep the frame perfectly straight while it is being heat treated. Half way through the heat treatment process it is checked again, and if needed, fine tuned on the alignment table to ensure 100% accuracy on your frame. Only once we know it is straight and race ready, is it finish aged to perfect T-6 hardness.

After the frames are finish aged, they are again checked for alignment, and then the head tubes, and BB shells are machined and threaded to accept the Integrated headset and euro bb’s. Machining and threading after Heat Treating is a much more expensive way to build a frame, but the best way we know to make sure that your assembly is perfect every time.

Next we send the frames out for Powdercoat, Polish (€679,00) or Anodize based upon your order and then apply the Supercross ENVY v5 graphics to match.

Then comes the fun part, pick your size( pro xl cruiser, pro cruiser, expert xl cruiser. expert cruiser, pro xxl, pro xl, pro expert xl. expert, junior plus, junior,mini), your color and now you get to take your ENVY v5 out and go ride!!

Prijs: € 579,00 (incl. btw)