Supercross Blur

The BLUR is back and better than ever.

Don’t let the price fool you, the Supercross BLUR BMX Race Frame no budget machine. It features Full CNC’d 3d Dropouts, CNC Machined Campy Style Integrated Headtube, CNC’d BB Shells that are threaded after welding and heat treating to ensure a proper bottom bracket alignment every time, custom formed and shaped, chainstays, seatstays, top tubes and down tubes that are all designed for the maximum performance,  strength and least amount of weight weight.

All of the performance advantages that we have learned and applied while building our flagship ENVY BMX race frames have trickled down to the younger sibling, so with the BLUR you are getting the performance advantages of our high end BMX Race frame at a more affordable price point.


Just because the price is lower does not mean that anything was skimped on. It still gets a full post weld T-4/T-6 heat treatment, a full anealment and alignment to make sure that every BLUR rides just as great as an ENVY.


All of the Pro Size frames and larger feature a Full Ovalized Top Tube and a Bi-Ovalized Downtube to allow for the maximum amount of weld area and strength without any un necessary weight.

All BLUR frames, feature the clip style of cable guides which allow for the use of a full brake cable for maximum braking efficiency and ease of removal for quick tear downs for travel or replacing the cable.

The SUPERCROSS BLUR is available in Junior, Expert, Expert XL, Pro, Pro Plus, Pro XL, Pro XXL sizes.

Colors: Black, fire orange and polished(€559,00)

Prijs: € 459,00 (incl. btw)